Finding Purpose

It seems a given, given my circumstances, that a project portfolio is the best way to begin rejoining the professional world.  Reading the characteristic behaviours of professionals in the introduction to the module it cites 'reliable, brave, rational, supportive, open, and inclusive, influential, well-connected, appreciative and ethical'.   It is correct that behaviours are hard to teach.  I think in someone in my circumstances and what I've experienced since beginning primary school and secondary school and work and university and a range of workplaces 'behaviour' as a characteristic is a dangerous way to assess me as a people professional.  I need to think about how to explain that in a gentler way because I'm not normal.  The likelihood is I've been neurodiverse and atypical in my health and behaviour and that has been encoded in me since before conception.  When that innate build passes the limen of infancy into the social world, I fail to see how socie